New Financial Tools in Sport: NFTs and Fan Tokens

  • Илья Солнцев Финансовый университет при Правительстве Российской Федерации
  • Анастасия Алексеева
  • Ярослав Сусов
Ключевые слова: sports economics, sports finance, football economics, finance in football, digital assets in sports


In this article the authors consider the opportunities provided by digital assets and associated risks, their specifics for sports organizations, fan token allocation scheme, and finally provide relevant recommendations for Russian football clubs that were selected as the object of study due to the availability of the required data and the growing market. Research methodology involved the analysis of annual reports filed by football clubs and academic papers, as well as interviews with representatives of clubs and digital platforms. The authors analyzed the trading results of 47 foreign clubs, identified and quantified the factors that affect their returns. Based on foreign experience, authors provide suggestions for Russian sport
clubs that are aimed at cooperation with digital platforms and issue of NFT tokens and NFT collections. Potential income from these instruments was estimated. It comprises two components: initial placement (ICO) and secondary market income.

Suggestions and calculations provided by the authors could be applied in the development and implementation of digital assets by professional clubs from other sports and other sports industry subjects, i.e., equipment manufacturers, fitness clubs, sport facilities, etc. The authors specify a number of additional factors that can potentially affect fan profitability as items in need of further research.


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СолнцевИ., АлексееваА. и СусовЯ. (2022) «New Financial Tools in Sport: NFTs and Fan Tokens», Journal of Corporate Finance Research / Корпоративные Финансы | ISSN: 2073-0438, 16(2), сс. 107-119. doi: 10.17323/j.jcfr.2073-0438.16.2.2022.107-119.
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