Editor's Foreword

  • Vadim Radaev
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Dear colleagues, The journals “Sociological Review” and “Journal of Economic Sociology” have announced the results of the competition named after Max Weber. The winners are Elena Charnyaeva (Laboratory for the Psychology of
Social Inequality, HSE University) and Alexandra Shulkurlyaeva (Center for Socio-Cultural Studies, HSE University) for their paper titled “Witch as a Calling and Profession: An Analysis of Legitimation Strategies for Occult Services.” This paper will be published in the “Sociological Review.” The winners will receive an invitation to the Weber Conference at HSE University on September 22–23, 2023. Valeria Kalinina from Lipetsk State University secured the second place with her paper titled “Risk-Oriented Rethinking of Charisma.” This paper will be published in our Journal. Congratulations to the winners!

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Editor's Foreword